XECH Wooden Wireless Speaker is cylindrical in shape and a portable device made in order to optimize the noise and sound level of the speaker.

XECH delivers crystal clear and impactful sound due to its efficient drivers. With 3W power and Bluetooth connectivity you can connect the speaker to all devices, compatible with all like your smartphone, Personal computer, laptop, and tablet. With a single click of Bluetooth, it will wirelessly connect. It has an inbuilt microphone for clear calls.

Play it all the time!! Due to its great speaker quality, an inbuilt port for Micro SD Card, Pen drive slot to play your favourite music and party. You can effortlessly carry this mini device wherever you go. It is Ideal to keep it in your car, trip, going for long drives, or just in your living or bedroom.

XECH Wooden Wireless Speaker due to High-fidelity sound, Stereo Speakers, built-in resonance radiator device, equipped with high-efficiency power, amplifier, super-low frequency dynamic, bass-rich, flexible, achieve a more shocking extremely overweight bass effect gives a great impact and you enjoy the music.

It can play up to 6 hours of non-stop music due to a built-in rechargeable battery. There is a 5V/1A micro-USB port for charging the same. There is a play and pause button as per requirement and a switch to increase or decrease the volume.

Two power mode is available on this device, with the built-in lithium secondary, capable of playing for 2-4 hours with decent medium volume.

Built with high efficiency and great sound with sub-woofer of low frequency makes it a very powerful and rich quality device.

Resistance to high temperature makes XECH Wooden Wireless Speaker a likable product bringing in more lifelong service.  

Nicely wooden finish with dot texture speaker body gives a very elegant look to the speaker. While it looks beautiful even when not playing music, it can surprise people with its powerful and clear sound quality.


Material: Plastic

BT version: 3.0

Speaker: 3 W

Battery: 500mAh

Support: TF/USB/FM/AUX/ BT play

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