Buying a big speaker in today’s time is a tough competition as different materials are used for the same and more over occupying more space which is a constrain for today’s nuclear family, however wooden speakers are speakers of strong quality with realistic output, for the sound to be good, performance and the output level to be great needs an artwork of outstanding product.

XECH Wooden Sound Bar is one of the unique product people prefer to have in their homes and gatherings, be it an office party or friends gathering or meeting family and relatives. Sound Bar is the hottest product spoken about, it is relatively inexpensive to increasing the volume of the television or the sound of your laptop or computer.

It’s a smart look sound bar with enclosed in a wooden unit larger than the usual unit. This gives music sound to spread and some space to resonate bringing quality output. It is a rectangular wooden bar weighing individual 1.23kgs with gross weight 13.3 kgs/ctn and dimension 43.5*34*66.5cm. It is simple yet sophisticated, no fancy designs and no fancy speakers but that of a retro look. A light in weight product offering premium wooden finish to the speaker in a bar form.

With Bluetooth version 4.2V latest technology it can effectively operate up to 10m in distance. It supports connecting via Bluetooth, TF card, Mp3/Mp4, Aux, USB drive to listen to your favourite music with great quality sound. It has an output power of two times the 6W having a playback time of 5 hours i.e. 70% volume. It is complete and pure music for life device. People who are music lovers and enthusiast about music, XECH Wooden Sound bar is a perfect product.

With battery power 1500mAh and wireless feature, the Wooden Sound Bar can play for long hours and suitable for crowd gatherings be it at home or office or by the garden area and enjoy at ease with soothing sound effect. With a premium quality perfect wooden surface finish box with the integrated speaker inside and giving a classy look.

It is easy to use and operate, very user-friendly and sensitive touch buttons to play, forward and pause while listening to songs over various artist. It’s a perfect mood seeker and attention worth giving for a near and dear ones.

Technical Parameters

BT Version: 4.2V

Battery: 1500mAh

Playtime: 5 hrs (70% Volume)

Volte: 5v/1000mAh

Speaker: 4? 6W*2

Weight: 1.23kgs

Dimensions: 43.5*34*66.5cm

Gross weight: 13.3 kgs/ctn

Qty.: 10/ctn

Colour box size: 420*160*128mm

Function: BT Play/ USB/ TF Card/ FM/ HF Call

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