XECH Wireless Charger Pen Stand features a 2 in 1 design desk pen stand and a wireless charger, ideal for workstation and office use. This charger efficiently regulates power for the smartphone to quickly charge compatible as well as keeping the desk and stationary corner organized.

There is no more fumbling for cables and wires. Take your XECH Wireless experience truly to great heights with this classy Wireless Charger Pen Stand. No more hassle for wires to entangle and waste of time to attach the wire to the phone.

Involved in some work or household duties, hands messed up? Just hold the smartphone and place it on the stand. Yes, it’s that easy and quick. How? Horizontally or Vertically? Doesn’t matter, It supports in both the direction. This means it can be kept in both the direction portrait and landscape. With 2- Coils built in, charging stand, supports horizontal and vertical positioning of the smartphone when kept to charge.

With input 5V/A and output 5V/A, DC 9V/1.2A max it adapts to fast charging concept in real time tech generation.

The wireless charger pen stand is supported with an anti-slip or slips resistance material at the base in order for the phone not to slip or stay well in support on the stand. Therefore this shall ease you while you are watching any videos or movie on the phone, just place and take your seat back.

Not to forget wireless charger stand comes with a pen stand as well, you can keep your favourite ink in the stand and use it as and when required or while you are using the wireless charger to charge your smartphone. Your writing accessories shall be kept well in place and organized.

With charging distance 2-10mm and rated frequency 110 – 205 kHz, your smartphone can be charged effectively.

Not only this but also charging efficiency is greater than or equal to 73% which means powerful charging to keep your phone charged throughout the day.

Wireless charger stand supports Qi and Non-Qi enabled device too, in case your phone doesn’t support Qi, you can connect the same to either of the three receivers -Type C, Lighting or micro inverted. Yes, it supports smartphones which are not Qi-enabled as well apart from Qi enabled.

There is one micro USB port to charge the stand completely and the cable wire is 4.92ft i.e. 1.50m. It is an elegant, portable device suitable for work at office and home use. This hardly shall occupy any place, so it is a user friendly device and convenient at any given time for use.


Input: 5V/2A

Output: 5V/1A DC: 9V/1.2A max.

Rated frequency: 110 ~ 205 kHz

Charging distance: < 2-10mm

Charging efficiency: > 73%

Interface: 1 * micro USB port

Cable Length: 4.92ft / 1.50m

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