XECH Wireless Charger Bluetooth Mobile is an excellent and intelligent 2 in 1 device.

XECH Wireless charger Bluetooth Mobile has this soft Charger pad along with a mobile holder which is wireless. The size of the dock is 70*170*43mm. The effective range for the device to be operated (open space) is <10 m whereas the Bluetooth handset is similar to a cordless phone of size ranging 46.2*175*20.1 mm. The look of the handset is tall, black in colour, comes with user manual and broad while tapering lower giving a narrow sleek look.

The handset comes with a Bluetooth transmission with zero radiation. It connects to Bluetooth Device of V4.2 with frequency range 2.4GHz having transmission power Class 2 & the sensitivity of the receiver <80dbm. The battery capacity is 180 mAh. The handset takes approx. 2 hours to charge and Red Led indicates the handset in charging mode.

In order to connect your phone to the Wireless handset you need to search the Bluetooth device from your phone once connected you can receive calls and disconnect it well. There is a Call on and off and volume button on the handset.

Improved call quality enables to speak hassle free. Zero radiation eliminate more than 99% of call phone radiation. Phone and ears at all times maintain a green state.

The Standby Time (Pairing state) is Up to 200 Hours. The handset can work in Temperature from 0-45C. Charging current required for the handset is 130mA while the working current is less than 8.5ma.

Now the time has come wirelessly where you can check emails, listen to music, charge your smart phone just by putting the phone on the charging seat/ pad can quickly charge.

There is no more hunting for the charger or fumbling for plugs even in a dark room.

Technical Parameters/Specification:

Docking Size: 70*170*43 mm

Handset Size: 46.2*175*20.1 mm

Bluetooth Device: V4.2

Frequency Range: 2.4GHz

Transmission Power: Class 2

Receiver Sensitivity: <80dbm

Effective Range (Open Range): <10 meters

Battery Capacity: 180 mAh

Handset Charging Time: 2 Hours

Standby Time (Pairing state): Up to 200 Hours

Stand-by Current : < 20ua

Working Current: <8.5ma

Charging Current: 130mA

Working Temperature: 0-45C


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