Waking up is no fun, it’s a task at the end added in your bucket. In today’s time to receive good powerful quality sleep and wake up on time is a serious task. Thankfully alarms help us to be on time.

With added features and technology Alarms are more modern and more efficient with fancy designs and more productive. XECH Wake up light Speaker is one of the all-new product with its unique features combining Bluetooth, speaker, wake up and sleep mode and much more.

A sleek and stylish wake up light plus it offers plenty of features. The wake up light speaker is well designed and stylish with its great features to help you both to receive sound sleep and wake up fresh in the morning.

When you intend to sleep at designated time XECH Wake up Light Speaker with its soothing colours and soothing sound it lets you sleep peacefully, while on waking up with its natural, bright and fresh colours and wake up tones, it let you refresh and takes away your sleepiness starting your day fresh in the morning.

With XECH Wake up light Speaker the transmission distance is up to 10m with latest Bluetooth technology 4.1. It is inbuilt with two times the 3W stereo speaker bringing the best of sound output giving the quality and crisp sound.

XECH Wake up light speaker supports TF card (memory card) and FM Scan radio, you can listen to songs also as well as customize the wakeup and sleep tone. Apart from the alarm clock, the XECH Wake up light speaker supports snooze function, warm white Led light for soothing eyesight. It is supported with 3.5mm AUX in cable wire also to connect to your smartphone to listen to songs.

XECH wake up light Speaker also has an LCD display, displaying alarm and the active function mode. It has the ability to change colour to 7 rainbow colours which look pleasant and are warm shades of colour.

The product can be synchronized with your smartphone, tablet, Laptop via Bluetooth. It is portable and hardly occupies space. The dimension of this product is 180*125mm. A perfect device with multiple features like sunrise simulation wakeup light and sunset simulation sleep light, Snooze function with alarm clock, 7 beautiful colour changing lights, TF card support/FM/Aux, hands free call feature with LCD display enriched like the cherry on the cake. Truly a beauty sleep and wake up light alarm speaker in its modern form for the modern young generation.

Unique in style and look and very handy to carry wherever you go and no more separate alarm clock and can be kept in any corner of the room by hardly occupying any space.


Bluetooth Edition: V4.1

Transmission Distance: 10M

Sunrise Stimulation Wakeuplight: Yes

Sunset Stimulation Sleep Light: Yes

Stereo Speaker: 2 * 3W

Supports TF Card: Yes

FM Scan Radio: Yes

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