Carry everything important & wear everything comfortable during your active lifestyle workout with XECH’s new product Universal Waist Band with 2 bottles.

This product rests comfortably on you even when you are running at good speed, there is no bouncing, chaffing or any discomfort.

It has a soft lightweight neoprene material design for flexibility and Sports lifestyle. It’s waterproof. The elastic waist straps are fully adjustable from waist sizes of 27 to 40 inches.

This waistband can easily hold 2 bottles of 350 ml each at either end on the front side. Enough water to get you through a tough long run or sports or when sightseeing for hours at amusement parks, museums or other attractions.

The Waistband will not weigh you down or bulge water bottles out of the way of swinging arms or other bags you may be carrying. It fits snugly enough close to skin comfortably in place while sporting.

The central front part can hold the mobile easily and the second smaller pocket can have the cash, credit card, keys, passport etc. It also has a neon colour zipper and tags to keep you visible during low light.

With Access Hole for Headphones Universal band keeps you entertained where you can perfectly fit in your mobile phone and listen to music, answer calls when connected to your smartphone and clear waterproof material PVC Window enables to access your phone. It allows you to change songs or answer the phone without the need to dig your phone out.

XECH Universal Waist Band with 2 bottles is designed having a reflective stripe, water bottle holder, high-quality strap/ belt, Buckle, water bottle fixed strap, SBS Zipper, Number plate buckle for sports purpose. The Universal band also includes Hydration pack to ease and keep you hydrated all day long, men and women runner’s belt are also included.

Best for sports like Walking, Jogging, Running, Hiking, Cycling, Marathon, Traveling, Gym, Yoga or when sightseeing. The belt is designed to fit women, men, Girls & Boys of all shapes and sizes.

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