XECH T1s Desk Lamp Speaker is carved beautifully with a curvy design completely adjustable with its arm bent in any direction.

It’s the whitest of white light with adjustable brightness with the right amount of light required soothing to our eyes. The lights used will save you from eye strain and headaches as our eyes need more light to be able to focus better on the task at hand.

The switches on XECH T1s Desk Lamp Speaker are dimmable touch. On long press of the switch, you can adjust the brightness and will illuminate the desk or nightstand.

The desk light comes with a rechargeable battery of 500 mAh lead-acid which can be recharged depending on the usage. The rechargeable battery makes the Desk lamp more environmentally friendly.

It can be connected to a power source and any USB port for recharging. Completely portable and rechargeable. It has single button operation with feather touch options. It comes with an integrated white LED light.

XECH T1s Desk Lamp Speaker is a wireless speaker with 3W Stereo sound and output power of 3W+1.5W. It also connects your gadget via Aux in of 3.5mm jack. The Desk Lamp Speaker works within or up to a range of 10m.

It’s a portable Lamp completely suiting our requirements as per living / study room, bedroom, work office desk and in Hospitality sector-hotel rooms.

The available colours are White, red and black.


Range: 10m

Output Power: 3W+1.5W

Charging Voltage: DC 5V

Signal to noise ratio SNR: > 75 dB

Audio Input: Wireless, AUX

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