Be a singer with XECH Q7 Karaoke Speaker + Mike. A high-end model which is a perfect combination. Compatible with more than 90% of the market app with a built-in battery. Perfectly Compatible with Android & IOS software. It’s a size of your wrist and palm and so easy to carry and use.

A Karaoke APP which supports all the Karaoke songs either from the phone or Computer/ Laptop or tablet. Record the songs as per the instruction on the Karaoke APP. It is supporting almost all singing software. You can also record voice or a song using the recording feature of your smartphone and Karaoke mike. There is a built-in feature for answering the calls with the powerful speaker.

Another best feature of this XECH Q7 Karaoke Speaker + Mike is no need to aim at the microphone, it can capture your voice with pick up hole located below the microphone. High Sensitivity microphone will turn your room in KTV (Karaoke Television) in an instant.

The mix chip provides smooth, rich and delicate voice with professional mixer controls like Treble (which checks for the high pitch and low pitch), Bass, Volume (checks the volume adjustments), Music – as soon as the music is switched on with the help of this it picks the music from the singing notes/ music from the app, Echo button to check for the echo as required as per the song and place. In the centre of the control function is the power off and on button which activates the mike.

With 5W Audio power it gives a complete professional rich quality voice and music. On tap of the Bluetooth button, it connects the mike to the smartphone /Tablet. The built-in clearly audio and vividly sound effect can make you enjoy listening and singing anytime and anywhere. There is a port for USB Cord too to charge the mike, it supports pen drive and micro SD Card as well.

Q7Karaoke comes with 1200 mAh battery for up to 4-5 hours of Singing.

The package includes the case for the mike, USB Cable, Audio recording cable and user manual guide.


Control functions: (Treble, Bass, Volume, music and Echo)

Audio Power: 5W

Battery: Built in


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