You are busy working on your Desktop /Laptop switching between the phone and laptop/PC can be tedious task, meanwhile it makes you realise phone battery is low. Wait!!

XECH Mousepad with Wireless Charger comes with this brilliant technique of keeping your phone on the mouse pad not only charging but it’s wireless thus keeping stress free and cord free.

The appearance is elegant and a 2 in 1 device mousepad that supports Qi enabled phones for a Qi Wireless charger as well.

If your phone supports wirelessly charging just enable the option and keep the phone on the Mouse pad to charge also just in case the phone doesn’t supports wireless charging connect the receiver to the device at the time of charging on mousepad.

XECH Mousepad with Wireless Charger effortlessly charges any Qi device. Thus eliminating the wires around taking space and declutters your desk.

It is Engineered to deliver both a superior experience while using mouse pad and enabling fast charging for your handset. PU leather feel material provides an ultra-smooth surface for improved mouse precision with built in wireless mouse charger.

The size of XECH Mousepad with Wireless Charger is Length (27cm), Width (19cm) and thickness (0.5cm).

Input and output current for charging is 2A and 1A. In order to use this product you need to charge and use the USB cable wire which can be connected to any adapter or your desktop/laptop. Standard wireless fast charging pad supports 5V/1A output, charging your device in high efficiency.

It is a portable device that can be carried for your laptop thus bringing life a style with its rich elegant look.


Product Material: PU Leather

Product Size: Length (27 cm), Width (19 cm) Thickness (0.5 cm)

Charging Current: Input 2A & Output 1A

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