Designed for utility-business/ credit card slot also charges your phone. It’s Nonetheless a XECH Card Holder with a Power bank 2500 mAh. It also keeps your devices charged on-the-go. The premium designed power bank is beautifully crafted with steel and PU leather combination which makes it sturdy, elegant and classy look.

This user friendly device carries your credit / business cards, and turns out to be a saviour when you run out of battery. Compatible with most smart phones, tablets etc.

Highly compact with dimensions smaller than your phone. Fits easily in your palm along with your phone making it easy to carry around while it’s charging. Easily slips into your briefcase or your pocket.

XECH Card Holder Power Bank weighs 375 grams less than half a kilo. It’s sleek, slim and light in weight. The battery used is Li-Polymer. Available in two most wanted colours Black and brown. The dimension of this device is 60 * 40 * 33cm having a battery capacity of 2500 mAh. Input and Output capacity of 5V/1A.

While the Power Bank charges your phone a LED light indicates charging in progress. Suitable and compatible with all smart phones and Mp3 players whether for business or personal.

The perfect travel companion, another important accessory apart from your smart phone is your power bank which charges your phone on the go along with never letting you forget identities in corporate world. It allows you to keep 10 visiting or business cards.

Flawless indicator displays charging level. A must have card holder power bank for every business man or woman. Excellent for traveling, flights, business trips and meets.

It is ultra Slim, ultra-safe and ultra-portable. An innovative product which is stylish yet smart choice.


Battery capacity: 2500mAh

Battery type: Li-Polymer

Dimensions: 60 * 40* 33cm

Weight: 375 gms

Input: 5V/1A

Output: 5V/1A

Card Holder: Holds up to 10 visiting cards

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