With the look of the barrel, XECH has come up with its new design and product Barrel BT Speaker. This is a simple yet powerful product, one of a kind speaker with powerful crystal clear sound anywhere. A portable Bluetooth speaker with 5W Audio power to turn heads and get everyone’s attention while you are playing music. It’s great in power however compact in size with a foot long size suitable for everyone who loves music and style.

Your music can be streamed quickly as you load the micro SD Card or Pen drive inside the port provided which shall play your favourite music. However, in case you are bored and wish to play online just tune in to your favourite FM station.

Staying connected to Bluetooth gives you an advantage of receiving the calls on the speaker or get notified in case your phone is kept at a distance.

It uses the latest Bluetooth technology via which it can be connected to any Bluetooth compatible device like your Android, IOS, tablet, laptop, personal computer.

It has everything under one roof. A perfect portable stylish device for a music lover, user-friendly and comfortable to use.

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