Designed with keeping your lifestyle in mind, XECH A3 Wireless Sports Earphones is a perfect collar and ear fit. Elegant in looks, powerful in use, it is well executed and planned for a perfect feel and to bring comfort.

With A3 Wireless Sports Earphones as the name claims it is wireless product designed for your sportswear while you go for jogging, walking, hiking or camping.

It is difficult to use the phone during your sports activities you rather prefer to be hands free or while you have a hectic day ahead at work or at home, that’s where the A3 Wireless Sports Earphones comes well in use a perfect hands free device.

Just loop the wireless sports earphones around your neck and ear fitting perfectly, you are set to use with the wireless feature. This is of durable and sturdy quality, packed with great sound for your entertainment, leisure and sports activities.

Set yourself free from cords and wires with the latest Bluetooth feature 4.1V +EDR and noise cancellation CVC 6.0.

With CVC 6.0 noise cancellation feature hear only what you want to hear whether you are at home or at work or busy with an adventurous trip, background sounds such as ambient noise, road noise and other people talking around can make important call conversation a difficulty with today’s traffic and crowd everywhere. This technology provides quality calls via Bluetooth connection with smartphones on your Bluetooth enabled earphones and headphones.

It pairs in a few seconds not only to your smartphone, but this can connect two devices at the same time. Yes, this unique product can connect two devices at a time. With an auto-reconnect feature, it can connect on losing the paired connection instantly. There is no requirement to touch the smartphone again to reconnect the wireless sports earphone.

When the XECH A3 Wireless Sports Earphones are not connected to any of your devices it has an inbuilt feature to automatically sleep thereby saving battery for optimum use.

Listen to your favourite music and connect to calls with the powerful inbuilt mic. With playtime 4 -6 hours and charging time 1-1.5 hours it has the ability to fast charge itself with a battery capacity of 120 mAh and standby hours of 100hours.

XECH Wireless Sports Earphones comes with IPX4 waterproof rating which means no matter what it is protected from splashing water, whichever the direction.

Whether sitting on our neck or tucked away in a pocket, our headphones are constantly exposed to unfavourable elements like dust, sweat or water droplets which makes choosing the right one a matter of choice as per our lifestyle.

While XECH A3 Wireless Sports Earphones charges itself it also displays the battery status in order to view the progress of battery charged.

Suitable and compatible with all your smartphones, Tablets and Laptops. It includes a carrying case to keep it safe, so keeping everything in mind one of the best device to have and very handy to carry.

Technical Parameters:

Bluetooth Version: 4.1 V+EDR

Output Power: 40mW

Sweatproof: Support

Play Time: 4 – 6 hrs

Charging Time: 1 – 1.5 hrs

Cut Song: Support

Line Length: 29cm

Standby time: 100 hrs

Battery Capacity: 120 mAh

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