Promotional products are part of business relations. They create brand awareness or impressions.

So, what is the purpose of these gifts ? Well, promotional gifts  help to increase goodwill.

Most businesses in India give these promotional items or corporate giveaways in recognition of the employee contribution or part of marketing promotion. These are gifts of appreciation, which also helps in promoting better results in business in the long run. It should always be remembered that what we chose to give, should be appropriate and durable for the client.

The most common forms of promotional gift items in India include :

promotional t shirts : Worn on person with your company logo, they reflect prestige for your company. A wide variety of collar neck or round neck t shirts can be chosen and they usually range in the range of Rs 100 to Rs 400.

custom promotional items : depending on the requirement, gifts can be personalized or customized. The most common example is pen drives, tshirts, mugs, and caps

promotional mugs : Mugs like coffee mugs. Choosing a good mug can be a difficult task since mugs come in unusual and attractive shapes and colors. Mugs are very common corporate promotional gifts in all sectors in India

promotional key chains.  These can be local Indian or lately they are also being imported from china. Keychains can be cost effective and range from just Rs 20 to Rs 1000 and above

promotional bags.  These are great to bring in attention. And the logo is always easy to notice. They are common business promotional gifts in India.

promotional usb drives.  Flash drives, pen drives and other gadgets have become popular in the last few years  as we move to the new internet age. These are the latest in promotional corporate gifts !

promotional tote bags. They help us to carry our belongings and hence serve a useful purpose. If you are environment conscious, you can select a good jute bag or maybe a bag made by an NGO ! For tradeshows, they make ideal promotional giveaways to clients or delegates.

promotional water bottles. A simple gift that quenches the thirst.  Water bottles or sipper bottles can help deliver your company’s slogan or message with ease.

promotional flash drives : Growing popular by the day, one should go for reputed companies.

promotional coffee mugs . Always a hot item in gifting, mugs can be in several shapes, sizes and colors. Keep in mind the reputation and image of your company, so chose a mug of good quality which will last.

promotional umbrellas.  A very useful item for gifting. Umbrella serves a good purpose and hence creates a good lasting impression in the mind of the person using it.

promotional caps. Another gift which protects you from sunlight. With your company logo printed nicely, a cap travels places and so does your brand !

promotional clothing. Jackets, t shirts, suits, napkins, are common promotional items.

promotional keyrings.  Affordable giveaways which are handy !

Confused with so many options ?

Contact us for a solution to your corporate gifting need !

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