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Perhaps you can have a mug with the imprint of the character or for even a peak cap done accordingly. The excitement is also about gifts for the games you can have. This can be also revolving around a color or a concept whichever is feasible for you. For a clearer picture, you can also have board games and simple games as gifts, which will be cherished by them for a long time.

For an extended budget, you can have crossword puzzles, books, stationery or even a dinner plate set in melamine. Other gifts can include a piggy bank, a small teddy bear or even a fluffy pillow, which will be a utility item. You can also have a smart goodie bag with lots of chocolates, trinkets, a mini sharpener and a toy. This will make it very exciting for them. Gifts are also an expression of saying ‘Thank you’ and hence it must be expressed well.

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